Ten Tips for Budding Digital Humanists from RSA 2013

I kicked off day two of RSA by attending the ‘Renaissance Studies and New Technologies Roundtable’ in which panellists from the previous DH sessions came together to articulate the themes emerging from this year’s sessions; goals for RSA 2014; and what they saw as pressing issues to tackle in their institutions, classrooms and in the DH community at large, in the meantime.

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Big Conferences

I was told I might hate it. I was told I might find it hard to meet people, and that it could be overwhelming. I was told I’d feel exhausted between the jet-lag and the hectic conference schedule. However, as of the very end of the second day of the Renaissance Society of America conference (April 4-6, 2013) I’m feeling pretty lively and content. It seems I do like big conferences or this one, at least. This is a brief post about preparing for and attending large conferences which will point to a future post on Digital Humanities which I hope to write soon!

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When I was studying for a masters in medieval English language and literature at Oxford (2007-2008) I usually called up one manuscript at a time and settled myself at a desk in the Duke Humphrey library in the Bodleian where I studied for hours until the need for coffee drew me out to Blackwell, just across the street. Although I had a laptop at the time, the Duke seemed to me a strange place to use it (although there were computers and micro-film readers already in place). Pencil and paper in hand, I made notes on the text and the appearance of the manuscripts I consulted, and then typed these up when I went home.

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